This website was created on June 9, 2019 as a collection of scholarship pertaining to Robotech and the three Japanese original series it was adapted from. The intention of this website is to perform intellectual archaeology on these franchises and examine their gestalt. Analysis will be performed using media criticism, media literacy, film studies, film theory, and literary analysis. Please leave a comment and participate. Any spelling, grammar, factual errors, or computer glitches found on this website may be submitted for correction. All suggestions and criticisms are encouraged and are welcome for submission. Include exact source materials, references, and works cited when submitting any criticisms. Please share the link to this website with anyone interested in this subject matter. Utilize the embedded social media buttons, widgets, and plugins available on this website for your convenience. In addition, please add this website to your favorites or bookmarks now to save yourself from future forgetfulness. Thanks for stopping by. Enjoy your stay!

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