Mission Statement

Some fans love Macross, some fans love Robotech, and some fans love both. This website is most ideal for people interested in both franchises. To avoid confrontations, some people lie about their love of both franchises. No one should feel ashamed for their opinions about these franchises.

While Robotech was adapted from three separate Japanese series, this website will focus on the Japanese Macross and American Robotech franchises as they are the dominant series globally. The words Macross and Robotech are the brand names of commercially successful entertainment media franchises. They qualify as phenomena based on their popularity, longevity, fan enthusiasm, and fan loyalty. A phenomenon is inherently worthy of analysis and this website will provide content browsers with surgical probings into the sagas of Macross, Robotech, and their other related series. Discovering the elements contributing to their success will enrich the fan experience by fostering a deeper comprehension of not only the material, but of the fans and humanity itself. Art criticism can help uncover these successful elements. This website hopes to inspire additional future analysis of both franchises through the disciplines of Formalism, Structuralism, Post-Modernism, Post-Colonialism, Moralism, Marxism, and Psychoanalysis.

At the time of this writing in 2020, these franchises have been discussed for over 35 years and this website is interested in new perspectives and new areas of inquiry. This website hopes to discover as yet unexplored territory within the universes of Macross, Robotech, and their other related series. This website aims to provide resolution to unsatisfied curious fans, especially Robotech fans, by suggesting resolution may be found not in the details of in-universe minutia but by understanding broad out-of-universe concepts and sociological implications present in these franchises.

This website is intended for fans with a thorough working foundational knowledge of the Macross and Robotech universes and is not for novice fans.

This website embraces these franchises in all their canon and non-canon manifestations. This website examines a very macro level view of these franchises. This universalist approach to canonicity allows a filtration and stress test so the core elements of these series are exposed and brought into focus with each reincarnation. This website hopes to examine broad overarching themes, patterns, re-occurring symbols, imagery, coincidences, motifs, tropes, plot devices, and narrative techniques. Robotech’s complicated birth could be compared to the Roman adaptation of Greek mythology or different versions of the Gospel as written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John. The academic study of these works could similarly be applied to Macross and Robotech. In the most broad point of view, Robotech could be seen as an alternate universe to Macross or a secondary canon of Macross.

This website aspires to provide useful information to anyone interested in the Robotech franchise or the three original Japanese series it was adapted from. Regarding the Japanese Macross and American Robotech franchises, this website aspires to remain neutral about the relationship between the legal owners of each franchise and the negative repercussions resulting from their disputes. As this website desires a thorough and exhaustive examination of every element of each franchise, these goals may be more easily achieved by quarantining and inoculating this digital space against emotional discussions and restricting this electronic territory to neutral scientific examinations of these franchises’ content. This website recognizes and respects the existence of valid points of contention between the two franchises and their fans but cautions discussions which become too passionate will only serve to hinder, distract from, and detour any progress made in more fully comprehending these franchises. Countless fertile dialogues have likely already met this fate. Thus, this website seeks to foster an environment conducive to advancing the appreciation of all available material and encourages conversations not in accordance with this agenda to find other more appropriate forums. This website wishes to provide a space where unprejudiced dispassionate discussions of these franchises can blossom.

Of special note, purveyors of this website must remain especially vigilant and wary of false suppositions in any analysis of Robotech due to its unique process of creation. One cautionary element concerns the source of artistic value in the Robotech franchise as either organically created by the original Japanese writers or artificially inserted, yet still valid for analysis, by Carl Macek’s re-writing efforts. A more normal and natural discernment of the source of any artistic value is to examine whether it was purposely written into the material or if it may have seeped in by the working of the unconscious mind of the artist or animator. Thus, Robotech is unique in this instance as any analytical perspective is complicated with the task of deciphering not only authorial intent and its degree of conscious purposeful design but also whose intent or which author. The authors could be either the original Japanese creators, or, in regards to Robotech, the team involved in the process of its adaptation. Robotech has at least four creative teams involved in its formation. The three teams responsible for the three series it was adapted from plus the American team which combined them. These creative teams may have set out to purposefully portray certain elements or may have manifested these elements subconsciously. Robotech also suffers from the constraints of utilizing pre-existing animation. The magnitude of the impact of these constraints may be gauged and is another subject for speculation in any analysis. In addition, as culture often determines the connotations of images, certain deductions or inferences from the story could be either intended or unintended for Japanese, American, or audiences of other nationalities.

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