An Open Letter to Macross Fans

This website is written from the perspective of a white male American fan of Robotech. This website sincerely believes discussion of Robotech will reflect back upon Macross and be beneficial to its fans. Thus, the Macross franchise will be enriched by any analysis occurring here. This website respects those segments of fans of the Robotech and Macross franchises wishing to economically boycott Harmony Gold USA and Robotech in an effort to apply market forces upon corporate decisions pertaining to the availability of related franchise commodities to international consumers. This website can only ask the sympathizers of this movement for an extension of charity in allowing the independent sovereign neutrality of this intellectual space. This website thereby appeals to the sacred bond which unites all fans, hobbyists, collectors, and like-minded kindred spirits by humbly requesting if not your blessing and permission, perhaps your willful ignorance and neglect.

This website aims to appeal to audiences of each franchise, and, for better or for worse, the potential worldwide readership and greater intensity of fan enthusiasm for Episodes 1 to 36 may be skewed to the Robotech audience. In light of this assumption and in the interest of full disclosure, this website favors Robotech jargon. Regretfully, the author of this website requests fans of SDF Macross to endure this conscious narrative choice to utilize Robotech terminology. A special acknowledgement must be given to SDF Macross fans for their patience and tolerance of Robotech fans.

Macross fans are welcome here and may participate in any way they see fit. Macross fans possess invaluable insight, knowledge, and unique points of view. These attributes are not only condoned by this website but are highly sought after.

2 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Macross Fans

    1. Yes, I agree. Robotech is the shadow of Macross. Interest in Robotech is similar to interest in the Roman adaptation of Greek mythology or the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John recording many of the same events.


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