The Ties that Bind

The following is devoted to encouraging introspective reflection about what has transpired since 1985 in regards to Macross and Robotech. Many fans have been spawned with many perspectives, ideologies, and boundaries. This webpage takes a moment to focus on the commonalities between the fan bases of these franchises. Fans of the Macross and Robotech franchises love and appreciate many of the exact same elements. Differences between these fans are really quite small. This website would like to create an alternative to hostilities and encourage these fans to unite as enthusiasts for the large portions of overlap between all these animated series. Fans can unite in experiencing the same uplifting spirit when enjoying these stories. Every fan has the same feeling of defensive protectiveness of their favorite portions of these sagas. Luckily, their humanity can pave the way to a bright future. In their daily lives they can embody the lessons contained inside the plots and portrayed by the characters of these fictional stories. Fans can avoid the behaviors warned against in these franchises. Competition is very healthy and these series expect good sportsmanship in the marketplace of ideas. The fans can be the change they wish to see in the world. It is time to leave behind the baggage of the past and forge a new future. A peace treaty among the fans may begin the butterfly effect which opens negotiations between all the legal parties involved in these franchises and allows the distribution and availability of all products in all markets. There are scenarios which would result in a win-win for everyone. Big West, Harmony Gold USA, and Tatsunoko Productions may have to agree to smaller shares of the profits, but this would still be a win compared to forgoing profits from portions of the market entirely. In this hypothetical scenario the larger consumer base would outweigh the over-saturation and economic diluting effect of one series upon the other as consumers have grown more selective and sophisticated in finding niche fandoms of their own choosing with internet services developed since 1985. The current stalemate is not productive. The fan generated blockades, embargoes, and boycotts have not been productive. The time is ripe for friendship, goodwill, bonhomie, élan, warm fuzzies, and reconciliation. A thawing of relations and a detente will always be an option. It is time to raise a big tent and allow everyone inside. A big tent stretched over episodes 1 to 36 as the franchise tent pole.

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