Who is who? Episodes 1 to 36

Note to readers: The credited roles attributed to the people named here are inadequate and do not accurately encapsulate their contributions as they often played many roles in the collaborative effort to create this series.

Ichirō Itano

Mr. Ichirō Itano is the Japanese innovator of the Itano Circus which is the name given to an aesthetic of animation wherein multiple missiles launch simultaneously and follow erratic flight paths traced by their contrails. This motif is also referred to as the Macross Missile Massacre. Mr. Itano was the Mechanical animation director for SDF Macross.

Haruhiko Mikimoto

Mr. Haruhiko Mikimoto is a Japanese anime character designer. He was the character designer and character animation director for SDF Macross.

Shōji Kawamori

Shōji Kawamori is a Japanese anime creator and producer, screenwriter, visual artist, and mecha designer. He was the Original Series Concept Creator, Production Supervisor, and Mechanical Designer for SDF Macross.

Noboru Ishiguro

Noboru Ishiguro was a Japanese animator. He was the Director for SDF Macross.

Kazutaka Miyatake

Kazutaka Miyatake is a Japanese anime designer. He was the mechanical designer for SDF Macross. He designed the SDF-1 (ASS-1) spacecraft and the Zentreadi ships.

Hiroshi Ōnogi

Hiroshi Ōnogi is a Japanese screenwriter. He collaborated on and contributed scenarios to SDF Macross. He wrote the script for Episode 16: Kung Fu Dandy and several others.

Further Reading

The Animeigo DVD liner notes contain very organized credits broken down by each episode. The link to these liner notes is available in the Web Links section of this web site.

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